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Adaptive Math Software Joins PEAK Personalized Learning Platform

learnbop adaptive math softwareFuel Education is adding a new piece of adaptive math software, called LearnBop, to its PEAK personalized learning platform, which aggregates multiple learning resources to help instructors customize courses for students.

Released about a year ago, LearnBop is designed for middle school (grades 5-9) and adapts its pace to student needs, collecting data for analysis by teachers in the process. According to the company it "simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience." When a student gives an incorrect response, the software guides them through the steps they need to take to arrive at the correct solution, identifying any skill gaps along the way.

The software will be joining the PEAK platform alongside other learning resources like Khan Academy. The platform lets educators compile courses using their own materials, the company’s pre-made courses, and third-party software. Then, teachers can access those materials as well as data dashboards with relevant analytics on student performance. It also features an educational resources library with tools that help teachers design their own courses based on differentiated instruction.

Recently, LearnBop was used in a pilot program at New York's Middle School #385 to help students prepare for a state math exam. A video detailing that experience is online.

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Stephen Noonoo is an education technology journalist based in Los Angeles. He is on Twitter @stephenoonoo.

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