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Math Intervention Vmath Gets Rigorous Update for Common Core

The third edition of elementary and middle school math intervention Vmath adds updates designed to reflect shifting mathematics standards around the country.

vmath math intervention program third editionLike the company’s recent updates to its ELA product, Passport Reading Journeys, there’s now a greater emphasis on digital capabilities as well. Students can access materials online or via interactive ebooks that let them highlight, show work, and submit assignments. Teachers can grade assignments, provide feedback, and return assignments online. The new options let classrooms go completely digital, stick with print, or use some combination of the two.

In terms of curricular content, the updates put more focus on conceptual development, problem solving, and real-world application of topics. The new edition gives special attention to whole numbers in grades 2-5 and rational numbers in grades 4-8.

There’s also an emphasis on math-related vocabulary and project-based activities. For students, the program helps fill in any foundational gaps before moving on to more advanced material (the program is grouped into seven different levels of increasing complexity). For teachers, scaffolded instruction options can be incorporated into lessons.

According to Polly Stansell, senior vice president of development at Voyager Sopris Learning, the company that makes Vmath, the updates are intended to help increase the flexibility of the program. "Additionally, it wraps around any core curriculum to reinforce skills—ensuring intervention aligns with the core," she said in a statement.

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