Common Core

TenMarks Offers Free Math Teaching Resources for Common Core

TenMarks Education, an Amazon company, today launched TenMarks Math Teach, a professional development, preparatory and in-class resource for teachers. TenMarks Math Teach is initially focused on grades 2 through 6. Instructional resources for 12 core standards will be available at no cost to teachers starting November 20. This new program is designed to complement the TenMarks flagship offering, which is being used at more than 45,000 schools across the country.

TenMarks Math Teach provides resources to guide effective instruction for each of the Common Core math standards. The program can be used before or during class, and is supported by multiple browsers. For each standard that a teacher needs to cover in class, TenMarks Math Teach provides the following:

  • A contextual overview;
  • access to prerequisite standards;
  • a learning trajectory;
  • a pre-assessment framework;
  • targeted prompts;
  • warm-up lessons;
  • core lessons;
  • recommendations for enrichment opportunities; and
  • access to TenMarks videos and amplifiers.

Interested educators can sign up here.

About the Author

Christopher Piehler is the former editor-in-chief of THE Journal.