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OpenEd Launches Homework Tool for Teachers

OpenEd has launched OpenEd Homework, an online tool designed to help teachers assign, review and grade homework.

OpenEd Homework includes more than 100,000 questions from Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and the University of Iowa covering every math and English language arts topic in the Common Core State Standards. Teachers create their own assignments using the item bank, use completed assignments from OpenEd or edit OpenEd assignments, then assign them via students' computers, tablets or smartphones. Once completed, assignments are automatically graded.

"Homework Assignments — accessible through OpenEd.io or through the free Common Core Quest gamified quizzing app — are designed to give students a focused amount of practice on critical concepts," according to a news release. "They are assembled in groups of questions in 30-minute blocks — typically 20 questions per Assignment. When students answer questions incorrectly, they receive immediate help through instructional videos."

"OpenEd Homework gives teachers a transformative tool to make the best of their time in bolstering what their students learn in the classroom," said Adam Blum, OpenEd CEO and co-founder, in a prepared statement. "Teachers can now assign homework that targets precisely what students need to know to meet the Common Core Standards, in the most efficient way possible."

Monthly subscriptions to OpenEd are $9.95 and provide access to all OpenEd resources. More information is available at opened.io.

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