Curriculum Associates Debuts Free iPad Math Game App

Curriculum Associates has launched a free new educational math game app for the iPad, Door 24 Plus.

An expansion of the company's Door 24 app, "Door 24 Plus establishes a foundation based on fact fluency and then builds computational fluency by providing practice that requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense and algebraic thinking," according to a news release.

An assessment designed to identify skill gaps and areas in need of growth assigns students to one of two games most appropriate for them.

In Snargg and Splatt, designed to help develop fact fluency, students fight against the "Snargg-nado" by completing math facts and throwing balls. Featuring an optional two-player mode, "The game develops automaticity with basic math facts in all four operations and provides repeated exposure to math facts via spiral review," according to information released by Curriculum Associates.

The second game, Victor Fixer, focuses on computational fluency by asking students to help Victor, a malfunctioning robot, get back into working order by solving equations equivalent to 24. Victor Fixer also features a two-player mode.

"Harnessing the power of game design, Door 24 Plus offers students an engaging learning experience and targeted skill development to ensure improved outcomes and achievement in math," said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates, in a prepared statement. "Complementing i-Ready's online diagnostic and instructional components, the new app supports both teachers and students in the blended learning environment. By serving up personalized practice in a fun game environment, Door 24 Plus provides a robust resource for students to boost critical skills at school and at home."

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