Splashtop Updates Mirroring360 for Large Deployments

Splashtop has launched Mirror Assist and an update to Mirroring360 designed to help larger schools more easily implement and manage the screen sharing solution.

"Mirroring Assist enables the use of a QR-code based discovery to connect the iOS devices with the computers, bypassing Bonjour," according to a news release. "You can mirror your iPad or iPhone screens across different subnets and VLANs as long as the networks are routable."

The new tool eliminates the need for IT staff to reconfigure the network for Bonjour and allows Bonjour broadcast to be disabled, reducing unnecessary traffic

"Mirroring360 solves many of our problems of connecting an iPad on our school network. We have worked for a very long time trying to get AirPlay to work with no success," said Rick Meyer, technology facilitator and instructor at Sidney Public Schools, in a prepared statement. "Finally there is something that is easy to use and isn't a burden on our IT staff."

With the new update to Mirroring360 Splashtop has added an .msi package for easier configuration of license keys, proxy settings, Bonjour broadcast, end user license agreements, resolution settings and more. The update also includes single licenses to activate all devices in an entire school or district.

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