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Infinite Campus Debuts Free Teacher Prep Platform

Infinite Campus will release a free platform designed to help pre-service teachers learn how to get the most out of a student information system.

The platform, called Pre-service Educator Platform (PEP) and piloted at eight institutions since 2011, offers self-paced online modules designed to familiarize pre-service teachers with core SIS functionalities while faculty monitor their progress.

"The PEP learning modules, based on authentic K12 training materials, are comprised of text, video and interactive learning simulations," according to a news release. "Designed to be beneficial to all pre-service teachers, PEP covers the key components of one of the most widely adopted K12 SIS systems in the country."

"My students have almost universally agreed that their experience with PEP has been useful," said R.L. Erion, professor of educational leadership at South Dakota State University, in a prepared statement. "They end up with an expanded and more realistic view of what the job of teacher involves and also gain an appreciation for the capabilities a student information system offers in terms of communication and record keeping."

"Colleges have an important job preparing teachers for today's digital classroom," said Charlie Kratsch, Infinite Campus founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "Infinite Campus provides colleges a free, easy-to-use system that introduces pre-service teachers to the software they will use in their classrooms every day."

PEP will be available beginning March 4. More information is available at infinitecampus.com.

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