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Udemy Launches Free Computer Tech Courses for Teachers

Udemy has launched the Teacher Tech Initiative, a program designed to make computer technology courses available to K-12 teachers in the United States for free and at reduced cost.

Announced at the White House Science Fair, the initiative "will offer free computer technology courses to the first 1,000 K-12 teachers who sign up, and up to 95 percent discounts to all U.S. K-12 teachers for a collection of Web development courses through 2015," according to a news release. "This represents a $5 million investment by the company to empower U.S. educators to learn the latest skills to help their students succeed."

All teachers who sign up will be able to take qualifying Udemy tech courses for $10 each.

"We believe that people can be and do anything if given the opportunity to learn," said Dennis Yang, CEO of Udemy. "What's really exciting about this initiative is that it enables teachers to show students that you can always learn your way to where you want to go. We support President Obama's campaign to bring more Americans into the tech industry. These are high paying jobs and should be within reach of every American, regardless of background."

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