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New High School Study App Now on Android Market

The Studystorm mobile app is divided into 21 high school subject areas.A new mobile app to help high school students study for tests and college entrance exams is being described by its manufacturer as the "most comprehensive high school study app on the market."

Brightstorm, which provides online study tools for students, has released Studystorm, a mobile app that provides study guides for 21 high school subjects, 5,300 study videos and more than 1,000 sample math problems. The app is now available for Android devices and will be available for iOS devices in May.

Brightstorm officials say the study guides are organized by subject so that videos, most less than 5 minutes long, explain concepts that are then followed by sample problems and questions that students would typically encounter in their homework and on tests.

Topics range beyond the traditional subjects like algebra, geometry, biology and English to include calculus, grammar and specific preparation for SAT, ACT and AP tests.

"It's like having a private tutor in your back pocket whenever you need one," said Brightstorm teacher Alissa Fong.

Studystorm is available as a free app once users have created an account to access the free content. However, an upgraded version can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis to get access to more than a basic package of video study guides.

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