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IMS Global Launches K-12 Open EdTech Ecosystem Initiative

IMS Global Learning Consortium has launched a new initiative designed to make school leaders aware of the availability and benefits of open interoperability standards.

Dubbed the IMS K-12 Open EdTech Ecosystem Initiative, the program will be led by the organization's K-12 leadership council (I3LC) and "will also include new technical collaboration to speed adoption of open standards such as sharing of code that provides integration into legacy systems," according to a news release.

"School leaders need to know that they can trust that an ecosystem of interoperable digital curriculum, tools, apps and learning platforms that enables a more personalized student experience based on open standards is taking shape rapidly and that their districts can begin implementation with a few simple steps," said Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global, in a news release. "The purpose of the IMS K-12 Open EdTech Ecosystem is to get a majority of U.S. districts on a road that will provide them many options for innovation and protection of their technology and curriculum investments into the future."

"In the School District of Pickens County, our goal is to provide students and teachers with a digital ecosystem that meets the teaching and learning demands of the 21st Century," said Barbara Nesbitt, director of instructional technology at Pickens, in a news release. "For us this means a robust infrastructure that supports interoperable digital resources that work on any end-user device. We are committed to giving our teachers and students a central hub with single sign-on access to their digital resources. With digital curriculum, tools, apps and learning platforms working together seamlessly, we enable our teachers to personalize learning experiences for students."

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