Supplemental Curriculum

Mentoring Minds Debuts Suplemental Common Core Curricula for Math, ELA

Mentoring Minds has launched Total Motivation Math and Total Motivation ELA, print and online supplemental curricula designed to improve critical thinking skills and student confidence during assessments.

Designed for the company's existing customers in California, the new curricula address each one of the Common Core State Standards.

Total Motivation Math features real-world contexts and engaging activities designed to encourage critical thinking, math literacy, mathematical reasoning and a positive attitude toward math while familiarizing students with digital environments.

"Total Motivation ELA addresses standards for reading, foundational skills, writing, speaking/listening and language," according to a news release. "Twenty-five units of diverse literature and informational text are provided for comprehensive analysis. The curriculum also encourages cross-curricular connections with content drawn from California's science and social studies standards. In addition, each assessment item is also coded to the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards, Smarter Balanced Claims and Targets, Depth of Knowledge Level and Bloom's Taxonomy Level."

"Built from the ground up to be aligned to the California Common Core State Standards, Total Motivation for California will provide teachers with powerful resources to ensure the state's more than three million elementary school students meet and exceed these rigorous learning goals," said Robert Bush, CEO, Mentoring Minds. "With a firm foundation in research, the instructional model in our supplemental curriculum puts tools for helping students build critical thinking skills at teachers' fingertips. Developing customized learning solutions such as Total Motivation – California to help prepare students for success beyond the classroom is a key part of our mission."

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