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Netop Launches Third Upgrade of Vision ME iPad App

With its third upgrade since introducing the Vision ME iPad classroom workflow app last October, Netop is now offering teachers an improved student enrollment process and both teachers and students the ability to use more file formats. At the same time, it added Japanese to the list of five languages it is available in.

The latest version of Vision ME means teachers and students can now present, share and view file formats of all versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWorks and a variety of video formats.

"We've made it easier than ever for teachers to share many different file types with students in real time," said Netop CEO Kurt Bager. "It's an immediate way to engage students more deeply in classroom instruction."

The new version also makes it easier for teachers to quickly invite new students to create accounts or join classes.

Introduced last fall, the Vision ME made it possible for teachers to present lessons directly on classroom iPads, showcase student work, blank student screens, block Internet access and administer Web-based tests and quizzes.

It could also help teachers to distribute and collect assignments, broadcast messages and chat with students, both individually and in groups.

In January, Netop's enhancements of Vision ME included the ability for students to make presentations to the rest of the class from their own iPads and to share files with both their classmates and those outside the classroom.

In February, a new version of the app was introduced that was available in Spanish, French, Dutch and German, as well as English. By changing an iOS language setting, teachers could use multiple languages and accommodate classes with students who spoke different languages.

The Vision ME apps are available for $7.50 per user with volume discounts, preceded by a free 30-day trial period.

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