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SRC Expands K-12 Admin Applications Beyond Online Registration

SRC Solutions has added a complete portfolio of K-12 administrative software products that can be used in conjunction with its 15-year-old Registration Gateway software.

The new Gateway suite of workflow products range from software that helps with student recruitment and continues with student enrollment , information management and even software that manages electronic parent report distribution. The components of the Gateway suite can be purchased all at once or singly, depending on a school district's needs and budget.

For instance, even if a school district is not in a position to acquire SRC's Registration Gateway, it can get its Address Purification Gateway, which is designed to help the district assure clean data in preparation for future workflow enhancements.

Along with eight standalone applications, there are six more complimentary modules that may not be required by every school district, such as one application for athletics registration or another that can geo-coordinate data analysis.

"Companies that offer single solutions are a dying breed," said SRC Solutions CEO Patrick Maher. "Innovation, interoperability and enhanced workflow design are key, and what we deliver with the Gateway Suite."

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.