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Yuma Districts Upgrade Network

Two school districts in the city of Yuma, AZ are upgrading their wide area networks (WAN) to 10 gigabit fiber, a change that is expected to increase the speed of their networks by as much as 10 times.

Yuma Union High School District and Yuma Elementary School District One both have 1-to-1 initiatives, supporting nearly 20,000 students and staff altogether. The districts needed to upgrade their legacy networks to provide sufficient bandwidth for such a large number of devices, while providing capacity for future expansion and controlling costs. After considering their options, they selected a private fiber optic network solution, which will be constructed by WANRack, a company that specializes in private fiber optic WANs for K-12 districts.

WANRack will build an advanced fiber optic network to connect 25 schools and administrative buildings in both districts. According to information from the company, its design model enables it to provide both lit or dark fiber infrastructure, and once it's installed, the fiber optic WAN "will provide a minimum of 10 times the speed of the districts' current network, at a significant reduction in the overall cost of service."

According to Rob Oyler, president of WANRack, private WANs eliminate "the bottlenecks or the security and reliability concerns that plague users of shared public networks," while being "extremely affordable."

Dean Farar, director of technology for the Yuma Educational Technology Consortium, said "WANRack provided the best solution at the best price," and that the new WAN will enable the districts to support nearly 20,000 devices without hindering the educational process.

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