Centralized Online Admission Process for NYC Charter Schools in 2016

Parents who want their children to attend New York City charter schools will have a single admissions platform they can use when they apply for admission in 2016.

The New York City Charter School Center has come to an agreement with SchoolMint to have the latter offer its online and mobile admissions and communications platform to all of the 207 charter schools in the city. More than 70 New York charter schools already use the platform that is intended to make the application and admission process easier for parents and students.

The new Common Online Charter School Application, along with allowing parents to apply for charter school admission on mobile phones, will also offer 24-hour customer support and text notifications to monitor the status of applications.

"SchoolMint’s mobile solutions were a significant factor in our decision," said New York City Charter School Center COO Christina Brown. "The majority of New York City families applying to charter schools not only own mobile phones, but rely on them for daily access to critical services."

The ability to communicate via the centralized application platform will be helpful since, while 95,000 students will enroll in New York charter schools this fall, another 42,600 remain on waiting lists.

"High-performing charter schools routinely receive more applications and more requests from parents than they can physically respond to," said SchoolMint CEO Jinal Jhaveri. "Over and over, we hear from schools that answering questions is not only time-consuming to their staff, but distressing for parents who don't have the answers they need."

The new process will allow parents to submit their applications online on their phones. Schools will process applications and, in cases where there are more applications than available seats, lotteries will be used to choose successful applicants.

The New York City Charter School Center provides advocacy and support for the city's charter schools.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.