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Think Through Learning Adds Advanced High School Math Program to Portfolio

Think Through Learning has introduced a second high school math software program designed to build on the skills that can be developed through its Think Through Math (TTM) I program, in use since 2012.

Taking an integrated approach to math — incorporating algebra and geometry, for instance, rather than separating them into distinct courses — Think Through Math II aligns to state learning standards, both Common Core and otherwise, and combines live tutoring, adaptive instruction, gamification and a motivation system.

"Many states offer separate Algebra I and geometry courses in ninth and 10th grade," said Think Through Math Curriculum Director Sara Byrne. "This integrated approach to math learning helps to provide students with an understanding of the relationships between seemingly disparate math concepts and how those concepts are applicable to everyday life scenarios."

Tutors, all certified math teachers, work with students through an online two-way interactive whiteboard. A typical encounter is about four to five minutes, according to the company.

While TTM I focuses on first-year high school concepts, TTM II moves the students on to more advanced concepts such as:

  • Classifying rational, irrational, real and complex numbers;
  • Comparing and contrasting quadratic functions;
  • Solving quadratic equations and using quadratic functions to model and solve problems;
  • Calculating and interpreting probabilities of compound, mutually exclusive, independent and conditional events;
  • Exploring similarity through dilations and proportional reasoning; and
  • Observing and justifying geometric relationships.

Think Through Learning representatives said that, while its adaptive learning technology is particularly helpful as an intervention program for struggling students, it can also benefit English language learners, those with advanced math aptitude and students with learning disabilities.

Audio support for TTM lessons are available in both English and Spanish and bilingual tutors are available.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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