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Illinois District Turns to Data Warehousing To Ease Data Management

Bremen Community High School District 228 has tapped a private partner to provide improved data management, analytics and reports in an effort to allow administrators to focus on student success rather than data collection.

The district, which serves approximately 5,000 students at four high schools and looks at metrics on a quarterly basis, decided to partner with DecisionEd, a provider of tailored data warehouses and other analytics tools for schools, to better address growing data needs.

"In Bremen High School District 228, we have developed a practice of looking at indicators of success on a quarterly basis," said Corinne Williams, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning for the district, in a prepared statement. "These indicators include everything from academic achievement to factors that impact the learning environment. Our need for specific and targeted data over the last couple of years has increased, which is requiring the use of data from multiple sources. We look to DecisionEd as the means to pull together the data from these multiple sources in an efficient manner."

DecisionEd's data warehouse combines information from disparate databases to provide reports and dashboards designed to help improve decision making, student success and graduation rates.

"Our time needs to be focused on analyzing the data and creating solutions rather than spending time pulling the data," added Williams. "This is why we are looking forward to working with DecisionEd."

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