Student Assessment

Tech Firms Partner To Give Teachers More Student Data More Quickly

Two educational technology companies are partnering to create a new product they say will help teachers quickly grade and analyze assessments.

Performance Matters' Unify assessment platform can now be accessed via GradeCam's technology that allows teachers to scan multiple choice tests and quizzes with a document camera and automatically grade them. With GradeCam, students themselves can scan their own completed assessments and the software quickly grades them and passes the information on to the teacher.

In combination with Performance Matters' technology, teachers can now analyze more data about classroom tests, assignments and homework, giving them information about individual student performance as well as how the assessments align with district, state and national standards.

"GradeCam offers teachers a great alternative to formative assessments that are administered online or via traditional scan forms," said Performance Matters CEO and Co-founder Woody Dillaha.

"Performance Matters consistently demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that educators can effectively use their data to improve student learning," said GradeCam Co-founder Tami Porter. "Now, with Unify and GradeCam, they're giving teachers a quick and easy way to collect data in the classroom, using cameras they already have. It's a very practical solution, one teachers are sure to love."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.