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Infinite Campus Adds IMS Global Certification

Infinite Campus has added IMS Global Certification to its learning management system (LMS) options. As a result of the addition, schools and districts can now choose "native LMS functionality within its core student information system (SIS)," according to information released by the company, or "a connection to third party LMS products using the IMS One Roster API." Customers will also be able to use both simultaneously, improving flexibility of the system.

"Obtaining IMS Global Certification allows Infinite Campus to offer the IMS One Roster API and provide connectivity between Infinite Campus and participating LMS vendors that support the standard," according to a news release. "The One Roster API offers single sign-on and provides a method by which the LMS can access all necessary organizational, course, roster and learning activity data from external systems. Infinite Campus has also extended to the API to allow grades to be passed back to the SIS from the LMS."

"We're committed to providing the best learning management features in Infinite Campus. The IMS One Roster API is for districts that want to use a third-party LMS, as well. We now support that, without diminishing the power of Campus integration," said Charlie Kratsch, founder and CEO of Infinite Campus, in a prepared statement. "The best part for our customers is that we're including support for the One Roster API at no additional cost. We're giving our customers even more ways to realize the benefits of Infinite Campus."

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