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Smart Unveils New Line of Display Boards for Educators

Smart Technologies has debuted a new line of three interactive display boards designed specifically for the education market, bundling them with a software package called the Smart Learning Suite.

All three new flat-panel displays are touch-enabled and offer Ultra HD LED. Its Object Awareness technology allows it to automatically detect if the user is pointing with a finger, pen, fist or eraser, leading to a more intuitive user experience. The Pen ID lets two students use differently colored pens to write at the same time.

With all three new models an advance on the company's existing 6000 series of displays, the Smart Board 6075 adds additional ports to support more connected devices, mini PC compatibility and the ability to freeze screen content while users perform background tasks.

The Smart Board 4075 and 4084 also offer 10 simultaneous touch points and improved touch and ink performance. The 4084 model offers 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Each display board will come with the Smart Learning Suite package, which includes:

  • Smart Notebook, a learning platform with lessons that can be customized using subject-specific features and access to more online resources;
  • Smart Lesson Activity Builder, which provides teachers with activities that students can work on collaboratively, including a variety of game components; and
  • Smart amp, a collaboration and co-creation digital tool that lets students work together and gives teachers real-time insight and assessment capabilities.

"Our customers want a simple, affordable way to purchase software, removing unanticipated costs and complexities," said Greg Estell, Smart president for education. "They also need software that will support transitions in pedagogy and adoption of technology over time."

The Smart Board 6075 will be available in February with a suggested retail price of $6,499, the 4075 in April with a suggested retail price of $5,499, and the 4084 is available now for $6,999.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.