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NEC Debuts 2 New Media Switches

Two new HDBaseT media switches introduced by NEC Solutions of America aim to give educators the ease of what amounts to simple on-off switch capability when using multiple NEC large displays and projectors.

The NPO1SW1 media switch will give users control of video, audio, power and LAN with a single Ethernet cable. The simple push button allows the user to easily switch back and forth among multiple sources.

Connectivity for the NPO1SW1 includes three HDMI sources, LAN and USB A/B. No special programming knowledge or training is necessary to control turning on or off projectors or large-format displays. The same is the case with adjusting the volume.

"The beauty of the NPO1SW1 is the elegant simplicity in controlling multiple sources and leveraging HDBaseT to send ultra HD and 4K video over great distances," said Keith Yanke, senior director of product marketing for large screen displays and projectors at NEC Display. "At their core, the media switches were built to make our technologies easy to use and to foster collaboration."

The NPO1SW2 includes the NPO1SW1 and an HDBaseT receiver module, to be used with NEC devices that do not have open pluggable specification option slots.

Both models have infrared windows that enable control via display devices' remote control and a wall-mounting bracket, if required. They are pre-programmed for on-off control of NEC displays and projectors and volume control for speakers and microphones is included.

Both models are available now. The NPO1SW1 has a minimum advertised price of $699 and the NPO1SW2 of $849.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.