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Schoology Integrates With Infinite Campus

Schoology has integrated its learning management system (LMS) with the Infinite Campus student information system (SIS). The hope is that the integration will streamline data entry and save time for educators. As an example, teachers now will not need to manually enter final grades in both systems or make updates in both throughout the school year.

Schoology will support the IMS OneRoster standard, which is a subset of the broader Learning Information Services standard. By conforming to the standard, SIS vendors can create the kinds of integrations that Schoology has announced. As a consequence, a turn-key integration between an SIS and an LMS is possible.

The integration will help schools synchronize student grades and enrollment information across both systems. That should improve the accuracy of student data by eliminating the potential for human data-entry errors and assure that both systems contain the most up-to-date information.

"By integrating the two platforms, our customers are gaining the ability to streamline much of their work, saving them valuable time by cutting back on duplicate administrative work," said Schoology CEO Jeremy Friedman. "With this time saved, teachers can put their efforts back into the classroom working with their students where it matters most."

Said Eduardo Carneiro, applications engineering manager for the Palo Alto Unified School District, "This integration will eliminate the need to enter final grades in both the systems or make updates in both systems throughout the year, even when teachers switch sections or new students join a class."

This is just the most recent of a number of integrations the company has made to allow other companies" systems to work with Schoology's system.

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