Ricoh Debuts Printer Line for Education

Ricoh has launched the Multifunction Printer (MFP) for Education Series, a collection of printers designed to better integrate into classrooms and other educational settings by interfacing with learning management systems, cloud storage and print management software.

The MFP for Education Series includes a range of printers in color and black and white and capable of printing from 25-60 pages per minute to meet a range of needs.

"Designed to easily integrate with key optional software solutions and cloud services, such as Blackboard LearnCanvas,Google DriveDropboxPharos and PaperCut MF, these devices are uniquely positioned to serve as information portals to help students and faculty members work, collaborate and learn at the speed of information," according to a news release. "This integration is further facilitated by pairing the MFP for Education Series with Ricoh's Integrated Cloud Environment tailored for education (ICE - Cloud Education Package), which enables users to scan directly to and print directly from optional cloud services."

In addition, the line of printers features large operation panels to make it easier to use the range of software and services supported and built-in paper tray locks to discourage improper paper loading and improve uptime.

"When it comes to output devices at schools and on campuses, two major goals I hear from people on campus are, one, improving uptime of communal printers, and, two, improving integration with cloud services and learning management systems, which can vastly improve students' ability to learn, faculty's ability to teach and administrators' ability to work efficiently," said Renaud Rodrigue, vice president for higher education at Ricoh, in a prepared statement. "The MFP for Education Series addresses both, driving increased uptime — and therefore more available printers per user — and facilitating integration with the software that is so vital to the modern education environment."

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].