PaGamO Debuts Free Gamification Platform for Teachers

BoniO is releasing a free beta version of its social gaming platform, PaGamO, for teachers in the United States.

"The first-ever online social gaming platform for education, PaGamO is based on the principles of classic board games like Risk and Settlers of Catan," according to a news release. "It encourages students to build their own kingdom of knowledge, wealth and land by answering questions and solving mini-quizzes. While learning and reviewing materials in a gamified environment, students are confronted with questions adapted to their abilities and assessed through elaborate back-end analytics in real time."

Teachers can create assignments, assessments and homework within the platform. Assignments can be delivered to custom groups of students according to their needs, and the platform provides statistics offering insight into student abilities and areas in need of additional work.

"We launched PaGamO in my probability course on Coursera with about 4,000 students, and they absolutely loved it," said Benson Yeh, professor at National Taiwan University and PaGamO creator. "Our course completion rate was significantly higher than expected, and students kept asking for more problems to solve on PaGamO. It's my vision that every student can enjoy learning with PaGamO. I am convinced that gaming for education will be a must-have in the future, and I think PaGamO should and will be part of that."

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].