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Voyager Sopris Learning Launches Adaptive ELA Program for Grades 1-5

Voyager Sopris Learning has launched Velocity, an adaptive learning English language arts program designed to help students in grades K-5 achieve reading proficiency.

"Developed in collaboration with Enlearn, a Seattle-based nonprofit education innovator, Velocity's unique approach rapidly propels students forward in reading comprehension, word study, language and foundational skills — a known challenge for traditional adaptive learning solutions," according to a news release. "Velocity delivers meaningful individualized instruction in this complex instructional area by adapting at the thought-process level, using proprietary dynamic learning technology to continually monitor each individual student's understanding of countless subtle learning concepts and to instantly adjust its approach to each of these concepts, helping to make learning as effective as possible."

Features include:

  • Mental models, hints, scaffolds and tailored instruction;
  • A focus on growth mindset;
  • Data collection via embedded assessments;
  • A three-tiered approach that modifies instruction before, during and after a particular problem; and
  • Real-time actionable data.

"Velocity has been key in closing gaps for students reading below grade level," said Emily Cole, teacher at the Uplift Summit Academy, in a prepared statement. "Velocity is able to identify areas that students struggle with and then teach them the key skills required to be successful readers."

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