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Educational Testing Service Debuts Ethics Training for Teachers

Educational Testing Service (ETS) has launched ProEthica, an online ethics training program for educators.

"Through a series of interactive modules that combine instruction and checks for understanding, the ProEthica program uses real-life scenario-based simulations and activities to help educators establish an understanding of ethical principles and decision making, and learn how to apply them in their daily practice," according to a news release.

Rather than focusing on rules and how they apply, ProEthica encourages users to examine processes that may lead to risk and aims to help them understand the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE) and how to apply it in daily practice. Other features include:

  • Activities designed to reinforce information from each module;
  • Real-life ethical dilemmas;
  • Storytelling;
  • HD videos; and
  • Scenarios.

ProEthica is also customizable to fit the culture, resources and statutes of different states.

"Educators make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions a day; and these decisions will ultimately have an impact on their students, the school or on their professional careers," said Janet Cook, executive director of ETS Educator Series, in a prepared statement. "This new and unique program provides a framework that allows teachers to balance caring for their students while maintaining professional distance."

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