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GoGuardian Offers Early Access to Chromebook Management Tool

GoGuardian, a company that develops digital learning software, has developed a new tool designed to help educators manage large numbers of Chromebooks. District administrators can apply for early access to the tool, which is scheduled for public release in June 2016.

GoGuardian Fleet is intended to streamline the tasks associated with managing large numbers of Chromebooks in a school environment, so schools and districts can more easily handle large-scale deployments.

Key features of GoGuardian Fleet include:

  • Google Admin Console Sync, which synchronizes GoGuardian Fleet with the Google Admin Console to help school districts keep their inventory up-to-date;
  • Bulk editing, which lets school districts use GoGuardian Fleet to change Chromebook statuses, organizational units and assigned users on multiple Chromebooks; and
  • Repair Management, which lets districts track, explore and report on Chromebook repairs.

"Because the time and energy spent managing a Chromebook deployment can be a barrier to their use in schools, many districts opt to only issue Chromebooks to certain grade levels at a time," said Cody Rice, product manager for GoGuardian Fleet, in a prepared statement. "So, the focus should be on removing any barriers to their use, while continuing to provide tools that ensure every student has access to the best educational resources available."

GoGuardian offers other Chromebook management tools, including GoGuardian for Admins, which features an advanced YouTube filter, customized flagged activity and theft recovery and GoGuardian for Teachers, which features an activity timeline, live screen view and other Chromebook classroom management tools.

Further information about GoGuardian Fleet and a link to request early access can be found on GoGuardian's site.

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