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Course Hero Launches Mobile Study App

Course Hero has unveiled a new Android app featuring crowdsourced study resources for students.

Featuring "millions" of resources such as notes, test prep, flashcards and more, according to information released by the company, the new app allows users to sync documents across devices and access them offline.

The app is free and allows for browsing, previewing and saving resources and the ability to view all flash cards. Additional services, such as any time tutoring via the desktop version and access to full documents, are available for a subscription fee.

"Course Hero's new mobile app expands access to our learning tools that today's hyper-connected students can conveniently use from the one tool they use every day—their mobile phone," said Andrew Grauer, Course Hero CEO and co-founder, in a prepared statement. "Seamless access to educational resources is essential for students navigating increasingly busy lives and heavy course loads."

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