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NJEFP Helps New Jersey School Districts Connect with Donors

The New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership (NJEFP) has adopted an online platform designed to connect school districts with donors.

The NJEFP is a statewide nonprofit organization focused on "enhancing public education in New Jersey by growing and strengthening local education foundations through education, training, collaboration and advocacy," according to information on the organization's site. Many local education foundations in the state are operated by volunteers, and the NJEFP wanted to find a way to help those volunteers and state-level staff access the same information.

"Whether it's managing our donor databases, learning about each other's best practices, using new tools to maximize our fundraising efforts and communicating with donors, we've simply have never had access to this info at our fingertips before," said Megan Dzwonkowski, executive director of the NJEFP, in a news release.

The NJEFP adopted Edbacker to help 50 education foundations that fund educational programs for their school districts create and support educational funding campaigns. The foundations will have unlimited access to the platform, which they can use to create funding campaigns, manage donor databases, track payments in real time, run reports and communicate with donors through personalized templates. According to information from Edbacker, the platform "will help NJEFP support the 1.4 million K-12 public education students across the State of Jersey."

"The partnership with Edbacker will make a great impact on our educational fundraising campaigns in arts, music, innovative technology and special projects and help us expand our work beyond the 50 school districts we serve in New Jersey," said Dzwonkowski.

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