Groovy Lab in a Box Partners with Popular Mechanics on STEM Kits

Groovy Lab in a Box, provider of STEM kits for students aged eight years and older, has partnered with Popular Mechanics to release a series of Popular Mechanics boxes.

The first box offered as part of the partnership, dubbed "What's the Matter," covers scientific properties of ice and is featured in the current issue of the magazine.

"The 'What's the Matter' kit guides kids through an investigation of the states of matter (gas, liquid and solid) and teaches them about the properties of ice," according to a news release. "Kids are tasked to design the lighting of a 'groovy' ice hotel and build a portable lantern out of ice. Each Groovy Lab in a Box kit comes with an engineering challenge and all the materials needed to complete the project, including a lab notebook where kids can read about the task and related STEM topic and record their findings."

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