Safe Kids Gateway Streamlines Employee and Volunteer Clearance Process

The latest software from SRC Solutions digitizes employee and volunteer safety checks and automatically notifies schools when clearances are not met.

Revamping the process of volunteer and employee safety clearances in schools, SRC Solutions, makers of Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway, released a new software solution that manages information intake, approvals, notifications and record tracking for anyone working at schools.

Safe Kids Gateway helps schools in vetting all current and incoming employees and volunteers by requiring them to upload required clearance documents, such as background checks and fingerprints.

The Safe Kids Gateway software can:

  • Provide a uniform employee and volunteer clearance process;

  • Allow school staff to accept, reject or request for more information;

  • Manage expiration dates and notify school staff if certain employees/volunteers need to renew their information;

  • Automate reports showing school staff a list of every approved volunteer that will be on school grounds; and

  • Assist in clearance compliance at the local, state and federal levels.

“By law, it’s somebody’s job to keep track of every employee and volunteer’s information: countless documents for each one, their expiration dates, and on top of that, the validity of all that information. It isn’t easy when it’s a manual process, and it’s prone to error. That could mean that potentially dangerous people are working for you, and even worse, they’re around your kids,” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions. “Safe Kids Gateway was created to help that person keep track of everything in a simple, streamlined, cohesive fashion. It tells them exactly what information they have, what they’re missing, what’s about to expire, and what’s valid.”

Further information about Safe Kids Gateway is available on the Registration Gateway site.

About the Author

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