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Symbaloo Debuts Lesson Plan Creator for Personalized Learning

Symbaloo, a resource management platform for curating and organizing online educational resources, has introduced its new Lesson Plan creator tool.

Symbaloo Lesson Plan lets teachers combine web-based and traditional learning resources to create personalized lesson plans for their students. Students see an array of tiles on their computer screen, with each tile representing an educational resource or activity, such as a video, article, interactive content or even a test. Teachers can monitor real-time statistics as the students progress through the lesson components, with each student taking their own path as they work through the tiles. Teachers can also share their lesson plans online with other teachers.

Key features of the Symbaloo Lesson Plan creator tool include:

  • A Lesson Plan Marketplace featuring thousands of lesson plans created by other teachers;
  • Lesson Plans organized by topic, standard or grade level;
  • Gaming-style interface that lets students track their progress through the lesson plan;
  • Built-in analytics to let teachers track student progress;
  • Support for differentiated paths based on the learning styles of individual students; and
  • Playlist-style support for blending digital content into lessons.

The Symbaloo Lesson Plan creator tool is free to use. In the future, the company plans to offer premium versions that feature enhanced analytics and localized district or state versions.

Further information about the Symbaloo Lesson Plan creator tool can be found on Symbaloo's site.

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