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Follett Partners With 2 Tech Providers to Enhance Products

The educational technology supplier Follett has partnered with two companies to enhance two of its flagship products.

The company will partner with SRC Solutions to enhance the online registration component of its Aspen student information system (SIS). At the same time, it will join forces with Biblionasium to improve its digital Destiny library manager.

Follett's Aspen SIS hosts and manages student data; stores data such as class schedules, student performance, health records and athletic eligibility; and allows educators to monitor student progress, implement new curricula and communicate with parents.

By integrating SRC's Registration Gateway and its Central Records Gateway, the new Gateway Suite for Aspen will allow school districts that use the Aspen SIS to eliminate all their paper-based registration processes and replace them with dynamic online registration. At the same time, the two companies will introduce an enhanced Electronic Cumulative Folder Management product that will interface with Aspen and allow documents associated with a student to follow him or her throughout their educational careers.

"This will drastically improve data and data collection," said Follett School Solutions Senior Vice President for Technology George Gatsis, "and provide advanced reporting, notification and visibility across the district."

Follett's partnership with Biblionasium will allow integration between its digital library management software and the virtual reading platform. Biblionasium enables young readers to catalogue, share and exchange their book recommendations. It also offers reading level-appropriate book recommendations using the Lexile Framework for Reading.

With the new agreement, users can use a single sign-on for both platforms and students can access library resources through Destiny. Reporting tools will be added that are designed to help educators guide and monitor student reading programs.

"Our integrated platform will immediately extend the reach of school libraries' resources into the classroom and to the most important consumer of the resources, the students," said Biblionasium CEO and Founder Marjan Ghara.

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