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Oregon District Adds Online Registration System

The Beaverton School District near Portland, OR has added a new online registration component to its student information system (SIS).

Already using Edupoint Educational Systems' Synergy SIS, the district that serves more than 41,000 students in 51 schools has added a new component, Synergy Online Registration, to its Synergy Education Platform. As a result, the district will now be able to automatically integrate data, synchronize multiple systems and create a complete real-time enrollment record that will be compatible with the SIS.

Parents will be able to use a ParentVUE portal to check on student assignments, scores and events taking place in the classroom. They will be able to upload verification documents, thereby saving trips to their children's schools. Administrators will be able to automate and speed up the registration process with built-in address verification, filters and flags.

At the same time, recent enhancements to the online registration software increase district control over the registration process and make for easier data entry and review.

"Beaverton School District had a strong desire for a solution that would simplify the school registration process for patents while allowing the district to maintain complete, accurate and secure student records," said Edupoint President and Chief Innovation Officer Rob Wilson. "Synergy was able to meet those requirements."

"Just as important," Wilson added, "Synergy Online Registration provides flexibility for the district to customize the solution to meet their individual needs. We are proud to partner with a district that realizes the importance and value of a fully-integrated education platform."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.