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Dell Launches 3 Interactive Display Products and Collaboration Software

Dell has introduced three new interactive display products and new classroom collaboration software.

Among the products launched during the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Denver is a 70-inch interactive conference room monitor with large touch display for collaboration, 10-point hand touch plus two styluses, an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating on the cover glass for easy viewing and monitor components for clear text and images. The monitor can support remote management and offers optional wireless connectivity. The C7017T is now available for order for $4,999.99.

Lower-cost alternatives include Dell's two new interactive projectors that can project images on an existing whiteboard or even a wall. The projectors display text and images in full HD (1080p) resolution and come with plug and play connectivity on multiple devices.

The S560T features 10-point touch interactivity, allowing students and teachers to write, swipe and draw. It also allows users to switch seamlessly between using their hands and writing with a stylus.

The S560P features active styluses (IR Pens) for a natural writing or drawing experience between users and the projected images or programs.

Both the S560T and S560P will be available beginning July 12.

Finally, Dell has introduced Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software that is intended to promote individualized engagement between students and teachers. For instance, it allows students to digitally raise their hands or message a teacher privately, helping those with reservations or disabilities that may prevent them from participating.

Teachers can group students by simply dragging and dropping. It also provides a student-teacher chat feature, a digital bulletin board and polling and quiz capabilities. It can integrate with Google Classroom and allows teachers to quickly move back and forth between Google Classroom and Dell Classroom.

The software will be available for free download onto Dell Chromebooks beginning in the third quarter of this year.

"We heard from educators and administrators that, as more devices were being introduced into the classroom and put into the hands of students and teachers, that there exists a need for easy-to-use collaboration tools that help with student-teacher interaction and engagement," said Jon Phillips, managing director of Dell Worldwide Education.

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