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PowerSchool Enhances Google Apps Integration

PowerSchool has updated its learning management system, PowerSchool Learning, to improve its single sign-on integration with Google Apps for Education.

In previous versions, PowerSchool Learning would send teachers a PDF snapshot of students' homework assignments, and then they could use Dropbox Annotator to provide feedback to students. However, teachers wanted the ability to comment on student assignments within Google Drive while maintaining a record of homework submission dates in PowerSchool Learning.

In response to customer demand, PowerSchool enhanced its single sign-on integration with Google Apps for Education. Now, when students complete homework assignments in Google Drive and hand them in through PowerSchool Learning Dropbox, teachers receive a link to the document in Google Drive, as well as the PDF snapshot. This new functionality gives teachers the option of annotating student assignments using either Dropbox Annotator or Google Drive's markup tools.

PowerSchool acquired Haiku Learning in June 2016 and has since rebranded the LMS as PowerSchool learning, expanding the company's suite of K-12 education technology products. According to the company, this update to PowerSchool Learning gives teachers more choices for providing student feedback and helps to streamline communication between teachers and their students.

Further information about PowerSchool Learning's enhanced single sign-on integration with Google Apps for Education can be found on PowerSchool's site.

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