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Poll Everywhere Adds Live Surveys

Poll Everywhere has updated its clicker-free response system, also dubbed Poll Everywhere, to include live surveys.

Poll Everywhere allows presenters to ask audiences questions, which the audience can then answer through mobile devices, Twitter or a browser. As a result of the update, teachers or students will now be able to give multi-question surveys to a class and get real-time results, embedding the surveys directly into PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides presentations.

"Surveys aren't much use without being able to gather the data and analyze it," according to a Poll Everywhere news release. "As with other survey products, customers are able to view reporting online or download files they can then distribute or incorporate into other reports. Where Poll Everywhere's survey tool deviates is also offering a way to not only track, but use real-time reporting data. Presenters can track responses as they occur. They can also include the audience by embedding a response slide into their presentation, so audience members can see survey results as they come in."

"The idea came from customer feedback," said Brian Goodman, project manager at Poll Everywhere, in a prepared statement. "Our customers asked for a way to group all their poll questions and send them out as a self-paced survey. Then they asked for a way to easily present surveys in their slide decks, just as they would present a single Poll Everywhere question."

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