Galxyz, Popular Science Launch Game-Based Science Resource

Galxyz, a company that develops game-based science education apps for elementary school students, has partnered with Popular Science to launch a new co-branded microsite featuring Galxyz's intergalactic science adventure game, Blue Apprentice.

Blue Apprentice is a subscription-based app for the iPad, or Mac or Windows browsers. Students begin their adventure on the planet of Serulea, where the game teaches topics such as the properties of matter, the periodic table of the elements, conservation of mass and other physical science concepts. As students play the game in story mode, they progress to the planet of Eko, where the game teaches topics such as ecosystem dynamics, cycles of energy, food webs and other life science concepts. The game carries on to other fictional planets to teach more than 45 science concepts. Students can also explore the science topics freely in multiple sandbox levels, and they can use a customization and crafting tool based on the periodic table of the elements.

According to the company, Galxyz is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and sequences the curriculum to those standards in an effort to simplify implementation of the curriculum by teachers. The company also plans to add new content continuously, and subscribers will receive access to that new game content as it is released, according to a news release.

A subscription to Galxyz's Blue Apprentice costs $74.95 annually, $24.95 quarterly or $10.95 monthly. Further information about the game can be found on Galxyz's site.

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