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Quizlet Unveils Platform Redesign, Upgrades and New Languages

Quizlet, a platform that allows students to create their own interactive study sets and use them to prepare for exams, has launched a redesign of its core product as well as Quizlet Live, a supplement that creates Q&A-related games that teams of students can use to play against each other. At the same time, it has added new versions of the platform in five languages besides English.

The new version of Quizlet includes a new website, logo and, eventually, redesigned mobile apps.

The platform will now be available in German, Spanish, both traditional and simplified Chinese, and Japanese. A version in Korean will follow shortly, according to company representatives. The international versions, they say, will do more than simply translate copy. They take into account the fact that relationships between students and teachers are sometimes more formal in other countries than in the United States.

"Learning doesn't stop when we leave the classroom, lecture hall or workplace, and the only way to ensure scale is to have the world at large contributing content for people to learn from," said Quizlet CEO Matthew Glotzbach. "This requires giving students and teachers an easy-to-use platform for both creating study materials, and for studying and sharing them. Offering our service now in six languages is only the beginning of what we think is possible for Quizlet on a global scale."

New features to Quizlet Live include:

  • The ability of teachers to modify and replace teams previously chosen by the game engine;
  • The ability to place new study sets into the game to extend and customize the experience; and
  • The ability to add audio.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.