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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Debuts New Math App for Grades K-2

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) has launched Go Math! Go, a new iOS app designed to playfully engage young students in interactive math experiences.

The new app features "a year's worth of math skills" aligned to content for students in grades K-2, according to information released by HMH, and more than 1,500 problems covering topics such as addition, subtraction, measuring, graphs, charts, geometry, money, time and fractions.

"Go Math! Go also provides feedback as children play, helping them solve math problems in accessible steps, and offers encouragement and rewards to help build confidence and prepare young learners for more complex math knowledge," according to a news release. "In addition to learning math skills, children will build a foundation in other areas essential for healthy development and success in school and beyond, such as self-regulation, following directions, perseverance and working memory."

The app is free to download with sample content and features. Full content costs $14.99 for each grade level.

"As creator of award-winning curriculum tools, HMH is uniquely positioned to deliver pedagogically sound skill-building content that families can trust to reinforce what kids learn in school and help them succeed," said CJ Kettler, chief of consumer brands and strategy for HMH, in a news release. "GO Math! GO demonstrates our commitment to inspiring passionate, curious learners through a thoughtful combination of curriculum-based content and playful characters that keep kids engaged."

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