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California Districts Tap Private Partner to Meet Data Requirements

Six California school districts have selected a platform to help them aggregate and analyze data in their efforts to implement California's Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

The six districts will use IO Insights from IO Education to help them set goals, define measurements, monitor progress and report on how well they are implementing the LCAP.

Initiated in 2014, the LCAP has been mandated by the California Department of Education. School districts must set goals, implement action plans and then measure their progress in eight areas:

  • Student achievement;
  • Student engagement;
  • Other student outcomes;
  • Parental involvement;
  • School climate;
  • Course access;
  • Implementation of Common Core state standards; and
  • Basic services.

The six California school districts, with a total of 116,000 students, are the Covina Valley, Pomona, Apple Valley, Orange, Azusa and Pasadena unified school districts.

IO Education's platform can help school districts break down data silos and aggregate state, district, school and classroom information. It can aggregate information about assessments, demographics and even measures like perception and social-emotional data.

Among many kinds of data the digital platform can collect and aggregate are:

  • Standards-based gradebooks and report cards;
  • Seating charts and attendance reports;
  • Behavior patterns;
  • Parent messages;
  • Student e-portfolios;
  • Personalized learning plans; and
  • KPI scorecards.

"The introduction of IO Insights into our schools is immensely helpful as we work to meet LCAP requirements now," said Silvia San Martin, director of research assessment and accountability at the Pomona Unified School District. "We can create custom dashboards to track student progress more closely and identify any students who may begin to signs of struggling."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.