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MasteryConnect Adds Evidence Capture to Teacher App

MasteryConnect has added an evidence capture feature to the teacher app it released in July.

Teachers can now take photographs of student work while they use the digital assessment platform as they move around the classroom. The mobile evidence capture feature had been in beta release undergoing testing by 100 instructors around the country.

The MasteryConnect platform is designed to help teachers identify a student's level of understanding of core academic concepts, allowing them to then personalize instruction for each student and each classroom. Teachers use iPads to gather in-the-moment formative data and then use the data to match resources to individual student needs.

With the new feature, teachers can snap photos of student work, add notes and view a student's complete portfolio of work. The feature is designed to be especially effective in project-based learning environments and can be used on field trips, in performances and other nontraditional teaching environments.

MasteryConnect's platform can give immediate feedback, assessments, results and data that can lead to quick revision of teaching strategies.

Evidence capture enhances those capabilities by identifying student needs in real time. It is the first step in the company's plan to give teachers more ways to deliver artifacts of student learning to parents, teachers, administrators and students themselves.

"Having the ability to take photos of student work supports everything we do, from special education to parent-teacher conferences," said Kelly D'Annolfo, an eighth-grade language arts teacher. "We are finally able to provide visible, tangible evidence of student learning all in one place."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.