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StartEd Selects New Cohort for Ed Tech Accelerator

StartEd has selected the startup education technology companies that will participate in the 2016 NYU Steinhardt Edtech Accelerator program.

A selection committee made up of venture capital (VC) investors, CEOs, angel investors and professors from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University chose nine startup companies from a pool of 430 applicants from around the world. The evaluation criteria focused on the "4 Ps": quality of the people, importance of the problem, efficacy of the product and progress made to date.

From October through December, the selected companies will work out of the NYU Steinhardt Edtech Incubator. During that time, they will have access to a network of more than 150 mentors and advisors in the education and technology fields. The accelerator program will culminate during NY Edtech Week at New York University from December 19 to 21. During the event, the founders of each startup company will have the opportunity to pitch their products in a "Shark Tank" style presentation, according to a news release.

The startup companies selected for the 2016 NYU Steinhardt Edtech Accelerator program include:

  • Admission Table (Bangalore, India), an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for university admissions;
  • Alumnify (San Francisco, CA), an enterprise platform for alumni offices;
  • AugThat (New York City, NY), an augmented reality curriculum;
  • Bering (Brooklyn, NY), a data analytics platform for scientific research;
  • EduKids Connect Systems (New York, NY), an all-in-one information system for child care providers;
  • NeuroNet Learning (Gainesville, FL), a scientifically based early reading curriculum combining fluency and kinesthetics;
  • TheTalkList (San Diego, CA), a global language learning exchange;
  • Trovvit (Brooklyn, NY), a social portfolio tool for student learning records; and
  • Versity U (Jeffersonville, NY), a tool designed to help students plan, prepare for and pass board exams in the healthcare industry.

Further information about the NYU Steinhardt Edtech Accelerator program can be found on StartEd's site.

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