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Web App Offers Data on North Carolina Schools

A nonprofit organization of parents who advocate for school choice in North Carolina has released a web application to help families in the state easily find education data on schools in their area.

The Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) created the NC Schools Around Me web app after receiving more than 35,000 requests for information on educational options in the state, according to a news release. To use the online tool, parents can input their home address to create a map of school options and receive the latest report card data from NC State Board of Education’s Department of Public Instruction.

"As an organization of over 60,000 parental school choice supporters as well as hundreds of choice schools in our state, our office is often inundated with requests from families across our state who are seeking the right educational options for their children,” said Allison Guenther, state outreach director of PEFNC, in a statement. "With NC Schools Around Me, our team can now direct them to this resource, as a start down this educational journey for their children. We worked hard to ensure our state-of-the-art web app is user-friendly, fast and easy for any parent to navigate.”

The web app offers data on the following:

"In light of the significant growth of school choice in our state (public charter schools and private school scholarships), it is critical for families in North Carolina to have a way to properly navigate these array of options so that they make the best decision for their children educationally,” said Darrell Allison, founding president of PEFNC, in a statement.

View the NC Schools Around Me here.