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Flipgrid Introduces New Student Voice Video App, Grows to 40,000 Classrooms


Flipgrid, the student-focused video app similar to Snapchat, is today introducing a new version that offers the core social learning functionality of the original Flipgrid, but at no cost.

Flipgrid One allows teachers to empower and amplify student voices by creating a digital community, or “grid,” in which they and their students record short videos to spark discussions, share perspectives and engage with one another on equal footing.  

Student voice — the shared insights, perspectives and experiences that each student brings to the classroom — has become an increasingly important goal in education, the company said in a news release, as it has been shown to reduce dropout rates, accelerate student achievement and improve workforce readiness, according to a study by the Quaglia Institute.

Flipgrid One allows unlimited video responses to teacher questions and includes all of the necessary components to safely and fully engage students online, including password protection, teacher moderation, transcripts, iOS and Android apps and more.

“Millions of students use Flipgrid to share their ideas and experiences, strengthening their digital citizenship and increasing their respect for diverse ideas,” said Charlie Miller, co-founder of Flipgrid, in a prepared statement.

The company also announced record growth in 2016, with more than 40,000 classrooms — from pre-K to Ph.D. — using its video-sharing platform. The app was created in 2015 by a professor and graduate students at the University of Minnesota. The company, originally named Vidku, said Flipgrid students created a new video every 19 seconds last year, totaling 10 million videos created and shared in 2016. The app is now in 136 countries on seven continents, with new teacher accounts initiated every 21 minutes.

Flipgrid Classroom adds the ability for students to reply to each other’s responses and enables teachers to easily manage activity across classrooms with management tools, individualized student-video assessments and scoring, custom LMS and website embedding capabilities.

Flipgrid Classroom is available at $65 per year per teacher, or $400 in packs of 10. It can be used through iOS and Android apps or online via Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer browsers.

To learn more about Flipgrid and video in education, visit the company’s website.

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