FETC 2017 Coverage

Alive Studios Brings Augmented Reality to Math English Instruction

Early education software developer Alive Studios has released a line of classroom solutions that use hands-on augmented reality (AR) technology to deliver engaging math and English instruction.

Alive Studios has released its Learning alive Plus Suite, a bundled solution for reading and math that features 2D and 3D capture capabilities, dual multi-touch displays and high-resolution cameras, according to a news release. Using the 20-point Touch Mat technology offered from Sprout Pro by HP (retailing at $2,199), the Learning alive Suite can be fully utilized without 3D glasses. Early learners are taught animal facts for each letter of the alphabet, which come alive through 3D animation. In Letters alive, for example, buttons are projected onto the Touch Mat, which students can interact with as they complete exercises. The Learning alive Plus Suite costs $1,295.

“Alive Studios has taken the bleeding-edge technology on Sprout Pro to create a super fun and engaging learning experience,” said Laura Vidal-Borrell, director of education for immersive computing at HP, in a news release. “We are very excited to see the Learning alive Plus Station for Sprout Pro by HP used in schools and libraries across the world to support early learning and literacy.”

Alive Studios exhibited in booth 246 at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) taking place this week in Orlando, FL.

Watch the video below to see the Learning live Plus Suite in action, or visit the Alive Studios site.