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Edgenuity Offers New Online Courses for CA High School Students


Edgenuity, a provider of K–12 online and blended learning, is offering California high school students innovative new courses, including a state-required contemporary health course and a suite of electives that have earned “A-G” approval.

The contemporary health course aligns with California’s Healthy Youth Act and high school content standards. It prepares students to make informed and responsible decisions about drugs, mental health, relationships and sexuality. This includes negotiation and refusal skills and critical abilities to avoid high-risk activities and overcome peer pressure. The course also includes comprehensive sexual health education, incorporating sensitive and medically accurate coverage of pregnancy, contraception and STDs.

Students can learn the value of committed relationships and skills to ensure relationships are positive, healthy and free from violence or abuse. Topics such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, abuse, partner violence and sex trafficking are addressed. The course is carefully designed to be inclusive of different sexual orientations, genders and gender identities.

“As states like California make the decision to implement new curriculum, Edgenuity is there to meet them with relevant and engaging online and blended learning solutions,” said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity, in a statement.

In addition, 45 of Edgenuity’s eDynamic Learning elective courses have been approved by the University of California Office of the President and found to meet its “A-G” subject area requirements when taught through Edgenuity’s Instructional Services. The courses were approved in the “G” category as college-prep electives and include titles such as:

  • Advertising and sales promotion;
  • Careers in criminal justice;
  • Early childhood education;
  • Fashion and interior design;
  • History of the Holocaust;
  • Restaurant management; and
  • Veterinary science: the care of animals.

The cost per course varies depending on usage and implementation, a spokeswoman said.

For more information on Edgenuity’s online courses, visit the company’s website.

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