Geek Squad Academy Launches 40 Free STEAM Camps

Students at the first Geek Squad Academy camp in South Boston, MA (above) this week are participating in hands-on STEAM projects. Image Credit: Business Wire.

The Geek Squad Academy (GSA) from Best Buy has grown by 30 percent this year and will launch 40 camps in 39 cities across the United States, April through September. The free GSA program has served more than 26,000 students over the last 10 years and will train an additional 8,500 underserved teens this year in 3D design, computer science, robotics, digital music and film production, and other tech trends that could be used in their future careers.

The two-day GSA camps are coming to the following cities:

  • Bessemer, AL;
  • Phoenix, AZ;
  • Los Angeles, CA;
  • Oakland, CA;
  • Oceanside, CA;
  • Sacramento, CA;
  • San Marcos, CA;
  • Denver, CO;
  • Hartford, CN;
  • Washington, D.C.;
  • Newark, DE;
  • Orlando, FL;
  • Stockton, GA;
  • Chicago, IL;
  • Kansas City, KS;
  • New Orleans, LA;
  • South Boston, MA;
  • Eden Prairie, MN;
  • Minneapolis, MN;
  • St. Paul, MN;
  • Jackson, MO;
  • Jersey City, NJ;
  • Charlotte, NC;
  • Wake Forest, NC;
  • Bronx, NY;
  • Liverpool, NY;
  • Henderson, NV;
  • Reno, NV;
  • Salt Lake City, NV;
  • Tulsa, OK;
  • Cleveland, OH;
  • Beaverton, OR;
  • Homestead, PA;
  • Desoto, TX;
  • Houston, TX;
  • San Antonio, TX;
  • Bellevue, WA; and
  • Milwaukee, WI.

Further information is available on the program site.