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CUE Fills Remaining Officer Board Positions

CUE, a nonprofit education corporation committed to advancing education innovation through professional development, pedagogy and advocacy, has filled the remaining four positions on its nine-member officer board.

CUE aims to “make learning powerful” for its community of educators — helping them effectively use technology to facilitate student-centered instruction. The board is comprised of active or retired members of the education IT community, college professors, K–12 educators, as well as ed tech business representatives and nonprofit organization leaders. Board officers “are expected to be knowledgeable about current issues in educational technology, curriculum and professional development, as well as to be forward-thinking team members,” according to CUE’s announcement.

At a June 1 meeting at Loyola Marymount University, the following officers were elected by CUE members to join the 2017-2018 year Board of Directors:

  • President: Andrew Schwab
  • Vice President/Treasurer: Jason Borgen
  • Secretary: Diane Main
  • Assistant Treasurer: Tim Green

The elected officers will join Myra Deister, Kim Harrison, Suzanne Mitchell, Adina Sullivan and Roger Wager. Both Ray Chavez (former president) and Lainie Rowell will be leaving the board after serving six years as officers.

To learn more about CUE, watch the video below or visit the organization’s site.