Classcraft Quests Turns Lesson Plans into Games

classcraft quests

Ed tech company Classcraft has launched Quests, a new tool that aims to make curriculum more engaging and personalized through gamification.

Quests lays a teacher's existing lesson plan over a fantasy world that students traverse by completing assignments, or quests. Completing each task, which may be an assignment, discussion, in-class activity or something else, unlocks the next. Each journey across the map is personalized by how students perform on each task and progress through the lessons.

Quests also offers classroom management tools, such as the ability to award points based on participation in discussion or early submission of an assignment. Quests, like the entire Classcraft system, integrates with Google Classroom, allowing teachers to import lessons from the learning management system.

"The Quests management system in Classcraft makes it easy to create multiple quest lines, thus providing choice in learning pathways for my students," said Steve Issacs, a teacher at William Annin Middle School, who has been using the beta of Quests for the last two months, in a prepared statement. "My students are deeply engaged, and I'm loving the elegant design as it provides for an intuitive workflow. The new addition of Quests rounds out the Classcraft ecosystem, making it do everything I'd want a gamified course management system to do."

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